What Marketing Analytics Tool to Choose?

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What Marketing Analytics Tool to Choose?

AdoptoMedia, Marketing Evolution and Sellforte are all software companies that provide marketing analytics and optimization solutions. However, they have different specific offerings and target markets. You can read more detailed separate articles on each company by clicking on the links above. And below is a brief comparison of the three tools.

What kind of services do they specialize in?

Marketing Evolution’s platform is used for cross-channel measurement, attribution, and optimization. They offer a variety of services such as data management, analytics, and visualization

Sellforte provides a tool for sales and marketing analytics. It helps to identify opportunities and optimize promotional efforts, with a focus on lead scoring, account-based marketing, and pipeline management.

AdoptoMedia offers a transparent analytics solution, to accurately model how various internal (e.g. sales & promotional activities) and external factors (e.g., competition and macro-economic situation) impact business KPIs in short (quarterly ) vs. long term (5 years P&L).

Who are their usual customers?

Marketing Evolution aims its product at large enterprise companies. The system is designed for marketers.

Sellforte is aimed at mid-market and enterprise B2B companies. It can be used not only by a company’s marketing team but also by a media agency.

AdoptoMedia helps to solve the dilemma of efficient growth for marketing-driven companies of all sizes in B2C/B2B/D2C business models. The solution is intended not only for marketers, but also for CFOs/CMOs. And these days the platform is becoming a critical tool for investors (PE/VC, CVC, family offices). It helps marketers to understand customer behavior and engagement with their brand, and provides insights to optimize campaigns and improve ROI. And when it comes to executives and investors it provides them with the necessary insight information to make informed business decisions based on AI-powered prescriptive analytics.

Modeling capabilities

With Marketing Evolution you don’t need to be a modeling expert, just press one button, and AI algorithms will do everything for you. There is a methodology where the selection process is described and explained. And the results pass statistical tests which makes them valid and trustworthy. The platform can build response curves and include a halo effect feature in its models. It can also build a brand awareness model, which will come in handy when a product is at the launch stage.

Sellforte doesn’t have much to boast about in model development. It only allows one to easily build a model at the touch of a button and build response curves.

AdoptoMedia has all the features that other two tools have and in addition an existing external model can be uploaded into the system for further analysis and optimization, models can be also exported from the system, which is impossible with other tools. If there are MMM experts in your company you can use a professional interface of the tool where all AI parameters can be changed. Another great feature is the possibility to build a metamodel if you don’t have enough historical data. The system can use data on another company at the same growth stage and with a similar product to make a forecast for the KPIs you can expect with a given budget.


It’s worth noting that disadvantages vary from company to company and depend on the specific use case and implementation. Therefore, it is important for companies to evaluate their own specific needs and requirements before deciding whether AdoptoMedia, Sellforte or Marketing Evolution platform is the right fit for them. Another article in our blog provides a comprehensive review of these solutions in the form of a convenient and detailed table. There you will find all the information you might want to see before committing to any tool, such as business verticals with which they have experience, how long you need to wait for the results, what tasks each platform can perform, etc.

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