Premium expert assistance meets data-backed techniques

Drawing on our extensive experience in marketing, we specialise in data-driven solutions designed to accelerate and refine your Go-to-Market Strategy tailored to desired sales outcomes.

Experience the efficiency of automated primary GTM strategy creation with our humanised AI co-pilot and test dozens of CAC, ROAS hypotheses with minimal effort. Or, get live professional advice to optimise an existing marketing strategy.

“Our solutions are rooted in our library of dozens of MetaModels that apply both output and outcome marketing metrics from diverse activities. Discover our capabilities and start optimising your ROAS performance”.

Anna Lerner, Marketing expert

Advisory services on Go-to-Market Strategy

With our rich marketing background, we can deliver end-to-end assistance to marketing-driven companies across the spectrum, including startups, SMBs and global brands.

AI-powered budget validation of primary GTM Strategy

Maximise efficiency in your marketing mix budget planning with the support of our humanised AI assistant. Powered by dozens of metamodels, you’ll receive a primary projection of customer acquisition via multichannel spending. Trust our service as your co-pilot for regular Go-to-Market hypotheses testing.

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Advisory services on GTM strategy for fundraising preparation

Our experts, honed in on the fundraising process, will help you align your Go-to-Market Strategy with investor requirements. Most investors look for a robust 1 - 5 year marketing roadmap. General prep consists of ARR and MAU forecasts, while more detailed ones include a calculated marketing mix sales scenario paired with ROAS across all awareness and acquisition channels. If you’re looking for a plan that’s  adaptable to external market influences, partner with us for a solid GTM Strategy that will prepare you to deliver a compelling investor pitch.

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Defend your GTM strategy during investment discussions

Negotiation with investors requires a mix of seasoned experience and diligent preparation. We offer advisory services to help you compile relevant Data Room material and confidently navigate the Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) process.

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Master GTM Strategy implementation through synchronised FP&A insights with quarterly forecast updates

Receive professional guidance on implementing FP&A based on quarterly-updated forecast models. This strategy incorporates ARR, ROAS and LTV optimization for future periods, harmonising with your GTM Strategy.

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Compare Top AI-based Modeling Tools for Marketing Budget Management and Planning

Advanced Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

During our advisory sessions, we’ll equip you with the skills necessary to effectively apply sophisticated marketing mix modelling. Get ready to achieve a fine balance of growth and profitability by managing ARR, ROAS, LTV/CAC ratio and other key business KPIs.

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FP&A implementation

We’ll build a bespoke financial model for your business, meticulously crafted with your marketing performance history and focused on ARR, ROAS, LTV optimization in mind. As part of our service, we provide updates ranging from monthly to quarterly, making sure we fine-tune your future marketing activities. We go beyond just creating models by supplying top-tier advisory services to guide you through the FP&A implementation process.

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