Is Sellforte the Right Marketing Analytics Platform for You?

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Is Sellforte the Right Marketing Analytics Platform for You?

Advantages of Sellforte’s platform

Sellforte is a B2B analytics tool for marketing management that performs a variety of tasks through its product, some of which include:

Lead Scoring: Using machine learning algorithms helps to score leads based on their likelihood to convert, allowing companies to prioritize their sales efforts and focus on the most promising leads.

Account-based marketing: The platform helps companies to identify the best accounts to target and provides insights on how to effectively engage with them.

Pipeline Management: Sellforte provides a clear view of the entire sales pipeline, allowing companies to identify bottlenecks and optimize their sales process.

Data Integration: The platform integrates with a wide range of CRM, marketing automation, and other sales and marketing tools, allowing companies to easily connect their existing systems.

Customizable Reports: The solution offers a variety of customizable reports and dashboards, providing companies with the ability to easily access and analyze their sales and marketing data.

Scalability: The platform is designed to scale to meet the needs of mid-market and enterprise companies.

Support: Sellforte provides a dedicated customer success team to help clients with the implementation, training, and ongoing support of the platform.

Data security: Sellforte follows strict data security standards to protect customer’s data.

Analysis: The platform provides advanced analytics capabilities that help companies to identify patterns, trends and insights from the data, which helps to make better decisions.

Overall, Sellforte’s platform provides a comprehensive solution for B2B sales and marketing analytics that helps companies to optimize their sales and marketing efforts, prioritize leads and accounts, and improve their sales pipeline performance.

Disadvantages of Sellforte’s platform

Like any software or service, Sellforte’s product also has some drawbacks. Some of these may include:

Limited applicability: The platform is mainly focused on B2B sales and marketing analytics, so it may not be the right fit for companies that operate primarily in B2C markets or have different types of sales and marketing goals.

Also the platform does not allow making forecasts based on marketing benchmarks and planning marketing budgets on existing markets. And it may  be impossible to get a forecast of the brand awareness level that is used in merchandising deals.

Complexity: The platform can be complex to set up and use, especially for companies without a dedicated sales or marketing team.

Limited Customization: Even though the platform is customizable to some extent, it may not be able to fully accommodate certain specific needs or requirements of certain companies.

Limited Integration: Even though Sellforte integrates with a wide range of systems, it may not be able to integrate with certain legacy systems or specific tools that a company is already using. For example, it lacks BI integration.

Dependency: results are highly dependent on the quality of the data. The platform does not provide unification and synchronization of marketing invoice data with advertising campaign data. In this regard, the risk of errors in modeling increases.

There is no mechanism of Verifying data anomalies and logic check algorithms.

Model development limitations: the product does not have a described methodology that includes the process of model selection by AI algorithms and finished model validation with a list of statistical tests makes the use of MMM auditable.

A significant drawback is the absence of a professional interface with changeable AI settings. Users can not upload an existing model and perform optimization on its basis and download a model as an XLS file. The system also does not have such features as: auto-seasonality, Halo effects modeling, ongoing model’s validation and adjustment. The platform does not allow automatic budget or KPI optimization.

To make a more informed decision on whether or not to include Sellforte in your measurement and analytics kit, see this comprehensible table where the platform is compared with two alternative tools. There you can find more information on the type of marketing management tasks that the platform handles, modeling and optimization capabilities, reporting, etc.

All the information above is taken from Sellforte’s official website and other publicly available sources. Contact us if you disagree with any information or think that the provided list is incomplete.