Is Marketing Evolution the Right Tool for You?

Marketing Evolution,marketing analytics platform

Is Marketing Evolution the Right Tool for You?

The main reasons to use Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution successfully handles a variety of measurement and analytical tasks through its AI-based tools and services, some of which include:

Cross-channel measurement: The platform provides a holistic view of marketing performance across all media channels, including traditional and digital. This allows companies to get a detailed insight into how effective their marketing activities are and take data-driven decisions about budget allocation.

Attribution: Advanced attribution models accurately attribute media spend to specific touchpoints, channels, and campaigns. This helps companies understand which activities are driving the most conversions. If your measurement kit includes attribution tools, here is necessary information on how to keep using it and adapt to all the recent data privacy related changes.

Optimization: Machine learning algorithms optimize media spend and improve ROI. This allows companies to allocate their media budget in a more efficient way.

Data management: The platform provides data management and integration services, which help companies to collect, cleanse, and normalize data from various sources.

Analytics and visualization: The platform provides a variety of analytics and visualization tools to help companies analyze and understand their marketing data.

Customization: The platform is customizable, allowing companies to tailor the solution to their specific needs and goals.

Support: Marketing Evolution provides a dedicated team to help clients with the implementation, training and ongoing support of their tool.

Scalability: The platform is designed to scale to meet the needs of large enterprise companies.

Integration: The platform integrates with a wide range of marketing, sales, and CRM tools, allowing companies to easily connect their existing systems.

Overall, Marketing Evolution’s platform provides a comprehensive solution for cross-channel measurement, attribution, and optimization that helps companies to improve their mROI and make data-directed decisions.

Drawbacks of Marketing Evolution

Like any software or service, Marketing Evolution’s product also has some weaknesses. Some of these may include:

Complexity: Due to the advanced nature of the platform and the range of features and capabilities offered, it can be complex to set up and use, especially for companies without a dedicated analytics or marketing team.

Limited applicability: The platform does not allow planning marketing budgets on existing markets. Also it may not be able to provide a forecast of brand awareness level, that used in merchandising deals.

The target audience: The platform is mainly intended for marketers, and is not suitable for media agencies, investors or other company stakeholders.

Cost: Marketing Evolution’s tools and services can be costly, especially for smaller companies or those on a tight budget.

Implementation time: Due to the complexity of the platform and the need to integrate it with existing systems, it may take a significant amount of time to fully implement and start seeing results.

Limited Integration: The platform does not allow for ETL import.

Dependency: since the platform relies on data for all calculations and measurements, the quality of the used data will affect the results of the analysis. The platform could not guarantee compliance marketing with financial data.

Maintenance: the platform requires regular maintenance and updating to ensure it continues to function properly and to take advantage of new features and capabilities.

You can see more details on the services in a comprehensible table where it is compared with two other solutions having similar functionalities. Check out these three advanced analytics tools and equip your team with one that suits your needs the best. See what business spheres it has experience in, how long it takes to get the first results, what are mode building and optimization capabilities before taking a decision.

All the information in the article is obtained from publicly available sources like the company website. If you believe that some information is missing or not accurate, feel free to contact us.