AI-Powered Budget Validation of Primary Go‑to‑Market Strategy

Our humanized AI assistant will forecast customer acquisition for the next 12 months and plan the optimal allocation of your marketing budget for a multichannel GTM campaign.

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Trust our AI-copilot to support your GTM strategy
with the following analytics

The analytics results are calculated based on dozens of metamodels in the chatbot’s library.

Risk evaluation

Learn how risky it is to launch ad campaigns with your current marketing budget. Find out whether your planned budget matches your business targets. According to statistics, only 10% of startups meet GTM targets.

Marketing budget validation

Learn how much you need to spend to acquire the target number of new customers.

Marketing mix optimization

Get recommendations on the optimal channel mix for your industry and geography to achieve your business goals.

CAC forecast by channel

In the generated report there is CAC by channel in the recommended media mix.

Service description

Research and analytics are a crucial element of any GTM strategy and key to a successful investor pitch. According to an EBAN  report, a well-prepared Go-to-Market strategy increases the likelihood of securing startup funding by 68%.

Our solution is an AI-based chatbot combined with an advanced Marketing Mix Modeling tool that uses a metamodeling approach. The metamodels are based on benchmarks and dozens of real cases of various companies across industries and geographies, that is why our tool can make calculations for any case even with little data.

Our AI-supported chatbot will ask you 7 questions about the business goals and the target market that you need to answer to get individual recommendations. The calculation results will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Support your Primary GTM strategy with our advanced Go‑to‑Market Strategy Package including expert guidance on a custom marketing mix calculator for your business.

Primary GTM strategy

Advanced GTM strategy

Analytics result format

Basic infographics

XLS calculator of customer acquisition per channel


1 year without further breakdown

1 year with monthly and weekly breakdown

Marketing strategies scenario comparison



Analyzed metrics

Number of new customers, advertising budget allocation, CAC

Number of new customers, advertising budget allocation, CAC, ROMI, ROAS

Potential growth per marketing channel (Response curve)


Connecting strategy to P&L (1 year)


Advanced Marketing Materials for your GTM Strategy


Expert guidance in implementing the metamodel into your business (online meetings)





Advantages of the primary GTM

With the Primary GTM Strategy tool you can evaluate your risks, validate the planned budget, forecast the number of customers you can acquire with the current budget, and build an optimal marketing mix in just a few minutes.

Free of charge

Quick result: you get the calculation results in a few minutes

No need for historical campaign data

Personalized calculations
that are more accurate than random channel testing

— Free of charge

— Quick result: you get the calculation results in a few minutes

— No need for historical campaign data

— Personalized calculations
that are more accurate than random channel testing

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Advanced Go‑to‑Market Strategy Package for more granular analytics

The package includes advisory sessions where we will explain how to apply the generated metamodel to build an optimal media mix by running various budget allocation and media mix scenarios. This feature helps to choose the most effective one for achieving your goals and maximizing ROI. Additionally, the tool can measure and plan the contribution of each marketing activity to business results.

If you want to avoid budget waste and make sure every dollar you invest in marketing generates profit, our advanced GTM solution is a perfect fit. It can make weekly or monthly analyses and forecasts of marketing performance by channel, providing you with insights to support and speed-up the decision-making process

Try Advanced GTM Package to boost your company’s performance

Under the guidance of our experts you will learn how to boost your company’s performance by building an effective marketing mix with low CAC and high ROAS. Achieve the perfect synergy between growth and profitability with our metamodeling-based solution.

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